It’s the start of a New Year.  Once again I have the usual resolutions – I will lose weight (hopefully – the last daughter is getting married in August and it would be nice to finally accomplish this), I will exercise more; I will eat healthy, I will be a better person.

All great goals!

The time is now to make new memories. Find some music that will make you laugh or cry. Dance to the music – as they say – like no one is watching (one good way to lose weight!). Make some musical instruments with the children (margarine tubs with plastic lids filled with rice to shake, pots to bang, wax paper over tin cans to drum) and let them join you. Sing Out Loud -again -as if no one is listening.
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Divorce can be a difficult road. It will take some time to adjust to your new situation. It is ok to mourn the past, what could have been, but then you must pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start anew. You can make it better for yourself and your children by remembering there is no such thing as the perfect family or just one type of family. If you get a chance watch the show and have a laugh. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.
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