It’s the start of a New Year.  Once again I have the usual resolutions – I will lose weight (hopefully – the last daughter is getting married in August and it would be nice to finally accomplish this), I will exercise more; I will eat healthy, I will be a better person.

All great goals! The trick they say is to break it down into little chunks.  It is not that I will lose 25 or 30 pounds it is that I will lose 5 pounds.  It is not that I will eat healthy.  It is that I will eat one more vegetable or fruit each day.  It is not that I will be a better person.  It is that I will make an effort to listen to what others are saying and respond to their issues and concerns before thinking of mine.

Being separated or divorced can leave you feeling somewhat unsure of how to move forward in the New Year. May I suggest that you make a list  – something for each month of the year that you hope to accomplish i.e.

January           Lose those 5 pounds from Christmas

February          Play with the children outside on a regular basis

March              Wear something green on March 17th

April                Plant some indoor flowers or plan your garden

May                Read one book from beginning to end

June               Bring out those summer clothes (revisit January goal if necessary)

July                Bask in the sun

August            Swim in a lake like you did as a child

September      Back to school – maybe a class for you

October          Enjoy Thanksgiving and give thanks for the last year and the changes you have made

November       Sort through the winter clothes

December       Volunteer at a local charity

See the list doesn’t have to be cumbersome – small steps towards the next stage of life.

Enjoy yourself and welcome in 2011 with all the changes it might bring.  As the year progresses, you can always change your goals to suit your new lifestyle – a lifestyle that reflects the growing confidence you have in the person that you are.