Perhaps you have had a chance to catch the show on ABC entitled “Modern Family”.  It’s about three different types of families all of whom are related to each other.  It reminds us that there is no one type of family.  There is no longer only the typical mom, dad and 2 kids. It’s not Ozzie and Harriet or the Brady Bunch. Families can be made up of any type of grouping of people who love and are connected to each other.

Going through a divorce can be difficult.  You perhaps feel that you have let yourself and your children down because you are no longer that “typical” family.  That simply is not the case. There is no social stigma to being divorced. Your children will have many other friends in school and their extra-curricular activities who they will identify with.

What is important however is how you are dealing with your new situation.  If you are having difficulties getting on with your new life, you need to talk with a counselor.  Your lawyer is not the appropriate person to provide you with this support.  Your lawyer will guide you through the process of getting the financial support and property division you require and although they may be sympathetic to your situation, they cannot provide the emotional support and guidance you may require.  Your lawyer can suggest counselors to you. One of the groups we frequently recommend is  Family TLC

Your children may also require counseling to help them adjust to their new situation.  Make sure you are looking out for any signs that they are in distress such as not eating, overeating, highly emotional, not enjoying activities that they used to enjoy, etc.. Again, counselors can assist your children and you should seek assistance for them.

Divorce can be a difficult road.  It will take some time to adjust to your new situation.  It is ok to mourn the past, what could have been, but then you must pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start anew. You can make it better for yourself and your children by remembering there is no such thing as the perfect family or just one type of family.  If you get a chance watch the show and have a laugh.  Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.