I belong to a singing organization Barrie Huronia Soundwaves, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a barbershop singing chorus.  We are made up of some 75 women of all ages.  Many have been through a divorce and are either happily single or happily involved in another relationship.  It seems that whenever we sing the song “I Will Survive” that we join as a sisterhood with our heads held high, chests out, feet firmly planted in a proud stance.  You can feel the group gaining strength with each line of the song, with a rousing chorus of  “I’ve got all my life ta’live I’ve got all my love ta give an’ I’ll survive, I will survive!”

It is funny how connected our lives are to music.  I used to say that Reba McEntire’s rendition of “Is there Life Out There” was my theme song – someone who had married at 20 and was just wondering if there was something else out there.  I would also play Patsy Cline when I was sad (much to my daughters’ dismay) or throw on Grease to sing and dance to. (yes I’m a little over the hill). On September 11th, 2001, I just listened to Leonard Cohen over and over, not so much for the words but for the soothing tones of his voice and the flow of the music.  It was very calming in such a traumatic time in the world.

I’m sure you too can identify certain songs with certain times in your life. Songs that remain a constant throughout the years and bring back sweet memories or memories of ones you have loss but remain dear to you.

The time is now to make new memories.  Find some music that will make you laugh or cry. Dance to the music – as they say – like no one is watching (one good way to lose weight!).  Make some musical instruments with the children (margarine tubs with plastic lids filled with rice to shake, pots to bang, wax paper over tin cans to drum) and let them join you. Sing Out Loud –again -as if no one is listening.

Your stress should melt away and help you face another day – you too will survive!