Catherine Hyde, Family Law clerk

We are sometimes asked by clients whether or not they should seek a divorce or instead can they seek an annulment of the marriage, essentially declaring that the marriage is null and void, or the other spouse may be threatening to have the marriage annulled. 

Most often an annulment is

Catherine Hyde

Family Law Clerk

We often receive telephone calls from clients wondering whether we have a paralegal in our family department that can be retained as opposed to a lawyer, as a cheaper option of resolving their family disputes.

The Law Society of Upper Canada began regulating paralegals in May, 2007.  This means that

Catherine Hyde, Family Law Clerk.

reindeer.jpgThe commercials have already started advertising the upcoming Christmas season, displaying those warm fuzzy families.  Now that you are separated or divorced, you can’t help but wonder how you can still have the best Christmas for yourself and your children.

Even though it is still just over a month away, it

Remembering Jack Layton


This past week we lost a great Canadian.  No matter what your political stripes you no doubt mourned the passing of Jack Layton, NDP Leader.  Jack wrote a final letter to all Canadians.  Many now refer to this as his “manifesto”.  Much of it is political in nature, however, in his final

The first step to complete in your financial statement relates to your income.  Your income is important in order to determine the amount of child support you will pay in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. 

Determining what your income is is usually fairly straight forward if you are a T4 employee.  You state

FishingMy daughter, who lives in Yellowknife, recently sent some pictures of the family fishing in the Yellowknife River.  The picture to the right is that of my son-in-law and my granddaughter, who is 3 years old.  Both Father and daughter were enjoying the moment with the expectation of catching a fish on a beautiful summer day.  I

One of my friends was recently faced with a decision she found to be somewhat insulting.  Her husband’s family has a “family business”, which business was incorporated.  The corporation was in the process of re-structuring and wished to issue shares to the son (her husband) and daughter.  It was requested that she sign a document