Barrie Hayes, Partner, Family Law

Statistics Canada has recently released an analytical paper addressing parenting and child support after separation or divorce. Highlights of the paper are as follows:

In 2011, approximately 5,000,000 Canadians had separated or divorced within the last 20 years. Of these, about one quarter currently had at least one child

Kim Kieller, Partner

In the mid-1990s there were serious concerns in regard to child support.  Firstly, child support was still taxable in the recipient’s hands and deductible by the payor.  This lead to a  great deal of controversy and a hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada in regard to the constitutionality of the

Many people are surprised by the high cost of legal services when they go through separation and divorce.  It is not unusual to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have issues resolved even in an “amicable divorce”.  Here are some of the reasons.

First, in most cases, people have many issues to resolve: