FishingMy daughter, who lives in Yellowknife, recently sent some pictures of the family fishing in the Yellowknife River.  The picture to the right is that of my son-in-law and my granddaughter, who is 3 years old.  Both Father and daughter were enjoying the moment with the expectation of catching a fish on a beautiful summer day.  I call it enjoying the “simple pleasures” of life.

All too often a client will say how unfair it is that the other party has more money and so they can afford to take the children to Wonderland or on a fancy vacation. They believe that the children are more endeared to the parent providing such perks and feel bad that they cannot. This frequently becomes a greater concern once we are in the summer months.  There ends up being a competition between parents which is not in the child’s best interest.

The fact is that the children really just want to spend time with their parents, whatever they are doing.

This summer take a moment and explore the world within your own four corners with your child.  You could consider 

  • A trip to a local park  – this can become an adventure when you take a picnic basket, books to enjoy, a Frisbee to throw, a bird book to check out the different kinds of birds;
  • Take photos of local sites and make a scrapbook together of “Our Town”
  • A trip to a nearby dock, river, or lake to throw your line in the water and see what happens;
  • Perhaps your town has a free water playground for the children or a wading pool or town pool;
  • Plan a trip to the local library – often during the summer there are special events, story hours for children; arts and crafts.  Your child will love exploring all the books available to them
  • Plan a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood – invite others on the street to participate
  • Read the local newspaper or view your  Town’s website for upcoming free events – often there are concerts or outdoor movies

Remember as much as possible when with your children to declare a “technology freeze” – turn off that cell phone, iPod or other gadget and simply enjoy the day and the time you have to spend with your children.

Enjoy your summer and make it a plan to throughout the year enjoy the “simple pleasures” of life.