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This picture brings an immediate smile to my face.  It is clear that both mother and daughter are enjoying the moment.  No fancy games or resorts just a moment together.  Spending time with your children is the best present you can give to your children.  The day may

Catherine Hyde

Family Law Clerk

Often we receive emails from clients providing copies of emails they have received from their spouse relating to custody and access issues or money problems.  The intent is to show us how unco-operative the other party is being.  The end result is often a litany of email exchanges between the

Catherine Hyde – Family Law Clerk

Summers in Barrie, Ontario have always been beautiful.  We live in a marvelous city with the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay at its centre.  I came from a siFamily on beachngle parent home and there was not much money.  Back in the 60’s every Sunday we walked from our home on Mulholland Drive

Catherine Hyde, Family Law Clerk

My uncle was residing in a nursing home and it was left to my husband and me to sell his home.  We sought input from three realtors as to the price and what needed to be done in order to sell the home.

Two of the agents came in and

Catherine Hyde

Family Law Clerk

We often receive telephone calls from clients wondering whether we have a paralegal in our family department that can be retained as opposed to a lawyer, as a cheaper option of resolving their family disputes.

The Law Society of Upper Canada began regulating paralegals in May, 2007.  This means that

Catherine Hyde, Family Law Clerk.

reindeer.jpgThe commercials have already started advertising the upcoming Christmas season, displaying those warm fuzzy families.  Now that you are separated or divorced, you can’t help but wonder how you can still have the best Christmas for yourself and your children.

Even though it is still just over a month away, it

The first step to complete in your financial statement relates to your income.  Your income is important in order to determine the amount of child support you will pay in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. 

Determining what your income is is usually fairly straight forward if you are a T4 employee.  You state

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is responsible for enforcing support payments in Ontario.  Once an Order is made in Court for child support or spousal support, it is filed with FRO for enforcement unless both parties sign a Notice of Withdrawal indicating that they do not wish to have the Order enforced by FRO.


Women's day.jpgCan you envision a world in which women had no rights – they were ruled by their husbands or their fathers.  They owned nothing – everything belonged to their man – first the father then the husband.  WHOA —- mind blowing to most of us in this present day and age.

Women have throughout the