Catherine Hyde, Family Law clerk

We are sometimes asked by clients whether or not they should seek a divorce or instead can they seek an annulment of the marriage, essentially declaring that the marriage is null and void, or the other spouse may be threatening to have the marriage annulled. 

Most often an annulment is

A relationship breakdown affects people in different ways. Some people know that they have grown apart, accept that fact and are able to move on with their lives rather quickly. These are the people who can come to a quick and rather painless resolution of their parenting and financial issues.  If they use lawyers, their

Catherine Hyde, Family Law Clerk.

reindeer.jpgThe commercials have already started advertising the upcoming Christmas season, displaying those warm fuzzy families.  Now that you are separated or divorced, you can’t help but wonder how you can still have the best Christmas for yourself and your children.

Even though it is still just over a month away, it

Your relationship with your lawyer ought to professional, reasonably meet your expectations and be a diligent advocate for you. Remember, there is no perfection in law. Make sure there is a game plan and your lawyer apprises you of all steps and the cost/benefit analysis of proceeding in the manner recommended. Be open, honest and respectful and you ought to receive these qualities in return.
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Though each circumstance is unique, the typical course of events following a separation is for the parties to proceed through a dispute resolution process before a divorce is sought and granted. It is usually the dispute resolution process, whether negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative, or court, which requires your time, energy, and money, not the ‘divorce&rsquo

Thanks to the Internet, we have access to so much information about just about everything. The benefits of information and how quickly we can get it are obvious. So the internet is one tremendous tool and it is truly causing a revolution in education for our entire society. The revolution is affecting every institution from

You’re out for a night on the town while on a well deserved trip to Las Vegas, consuming alcoholic beverage after beverage (as has been known to happen in Sin City). You wake up the next morning only to find that you are sharing a bed with a complete stranger that you met just the

It’s the start of a New Year.  Once again I have the usual resolutions – I will lose weight (hopefully – the last daughter is getting married in August and it would be nice to finally accomplish this), I will exercise more; I will eat healthy, I will be a better person.

All great goals!