Barrie Hayes, Partner, Family Law

Statistics Canada has recently released an analytical paper addressing parenting and child support after separation or divorce. Highlights of the paper are as follows:

In 2011, approximately 5,000,000 Canadians had separated or divorced within the last 20 years. Of these, about one quarter currently had at least one child

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I first got to know my best friend when we were 12.  Many a night was spent together telling our deepest secrets.  We were there for each other in times of trouble and in times of celebration. To this day despite living at opposite ends of the country, we rely on each

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This picture brings an immediate smile to my face.  It is clear that both mother and daughter are enjoying the moment.  No fancy games or resorts just a moment together.  Spending time with your children is the best present you can give to your children.  The day may

Lori L. Aylwin – Associate, Family Law.

When a separation occurs and there is a Family Business, the separation can have a significant impact on the health and ultimate future of that business.  Often a non-owner spouse may have misconceptions about the value of a business, particularly where the business does not have significant hard

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Family Law Clerk

Often we receive emails from clients providing copies of emails they have received from their spouse relating to custody and access issues or money problems.  The intent is to show us how unco-operative the other party is being.  The end result is often a litany of email exchanges between the