Kim Kieller, Partner

In the mid-1990s there were serious concerns in regard to child support.  Firstly, child support was still taxable in the recipient’s hands and deductible by the payor.  This lead to a  great deal of controversy and a hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada in regard to the constitutionality of the

Often in Family Law proceedings clients feel bogged down by requests to produce documents.  Clients have at times expressed to me a dissatisfaction with having to produce bank statements for past years, attachments from income tax returns,  documents that  are not easily obtainable or papers that may have existed in the past but may take

The first step to complete in your financial statement relates to your income.  Your income is important in order to determine the amount of child support you will pay in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. 

Determining what your income is is usually fairly straight forward if you are a T4 employee.  You state