Catherine Hyde- Paralegal


Our group blog is entitled “Matrimonial Matters”.  It consists of articles that provide helpful hints on separation and divorce.  What if we read the title in a different way – what if instead we look at “marriage matters” and using the term marriage loosely to include common law relationships.  Therefore, relationships with


By Andrew Ain, Partner

There are many situations where an individual may wish to change their name, marriage being the most common of these. After marriage, many new spouses presume that their nuptials are the only requirement needed to allow them to legally adopt the other spouse’s surname. While many may proceed unhindered by

A recent, short article in a national newspaper caught my attention.  Apparently, lawmakers in Mexico City are considering enacting legislation that would allow for  “trial” marriages as short as 2 years in duration.  (I know some of you may be thinking “all marriages are like going through a trial”).  This proposed law would allow couples