Catherine Hyde, Family Law Clerk

My uncle was residing in a nursing home and it was left to my husband and me to sell his home.  We sought input from three realtors as to the price and what needed to be done in order to sell the home.

Two of the agents came in and

For the past twenty six years I have been practicing law.  It definitely does not feel as though it has been that long, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

To me, it has always been about helping people.  However as I get set in my ways I notice how habits develop without me

Your relationship with your lawyer ought to professional, reasonably meet your expectations and be a diligent advocate for you. Remember, there is no perfection in law. Make sure there is a game plan and your lawyer apprises you of all steps and the cost/benefit analysis of proceeding in the manner recommended. Be open, honest and respectful and you ought to receive these qualities in return.
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