The Family Law Lawyers at Burgar Rowe are pleased to introduce their new mediation and arbitration services.  Increasingly over the past 10-15 years the courts have been inundated with family law cases.  This has caused a considerable backlog of court cases that have caused countless separating couples needless delays and legal expenses in resolving their family law issues (child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, ownership & occupation of the matrimonial home, etc.).

The Family Law Lawyers at Burgar Rowe have been offering mediation and arbitration services on an informal basis for several years.  We are now formally offering Mediation and Arbitration services through ‘Burgar Rowe Resolution Services.  Tom Dart, Kim Kieller, Doug Manning and Jodi Armstrong have, among them, over 70 years of combined experience as family law lawyers and over 25 years of experience as Mediators and Arbitrators sanctioned by the Ontario Association of Family Mediation and the Arbitration Institute of Ontario.  We bring a wealth of experience and creative problem-solving strategies to clients who wish to retain our services to act as Mediators or Arbitrators in their dispute or to represent them as their lawyer within the context of Mediation and Arbitration processes.

Our new Burgar Rowe Resolutions Services website will go live soon, and we’ll post a link to it as soon as we have one.

On a related note, the lawyers and staff of the Burgar Rowe law firm (23 lawyers and 40 staff) will be merging their practices with the law firm of Purser Dooley Cockburn Smith LLP (15 lawyers and 30 staff) effective October 1, 2011.  The merger will result in the establishment of Central Ontario’s largest full service law firm providing advice to individuals, corporations and municipalities throughout central Ontario in the areas of corporate/commercial law, real estate and estates, family law, municipal and land use planning and civil litigation including commercial litigation, employment and insurance litigation.

By combining practice groups and our firm administrations we will be able to offer the greatest depth and breadth of advice to our clients.

For more information please see our News Release.