Matrimonial Matters is pleased to announce that, effective October 1, 2011, Burgar Rowe Professional Corporation and Purser Dooley Cockburn Smith LLP will merge to form a new firm, Barriston LLP.

 While both firms have strong client bases and excellent longstanding reputations within the community and beyond, the growth opportunities of the combined firms are tremendous.

Clients will benefit from the merger by gaining access to a greater diversity of legal services, as well as a larger pool of talent, expertise and experience.

The Barriston name aligns with our vision to be the leading law firm in the region. It recognizes our histories, experiences, personalities as lawyers reflecting our professional commitment to excellence in client service and our support for community values.

Going forward, Burgar Rowe Professional Corporation’s commitment to provide strong, yet compassionate representation in family law matters will continue unabated.

The Matrimonial Matters blog will continue going forward.