You’ve separated. Now what? Where do you go for information? Quite likely you are talking to your friends; you may be obtaining that “coffee shop” advice on what happened to someone else you know and you should ‘watch out for that’ or go to Court now and get an Order to prevent your spouse from ….. and so it goes.  People are just trying to help but sometimes misinformation can be just the thing you don’t need.  It can cause difficulties and create hard feelings at a time when both you and your spouse are in, most likely, a highly emotional state of mind.

Family Law is a specialized field.  The reason often cited by family law lawyers for choosing that field is because they have a desire to help. At Burgar Rowe we are committed to helping our clients to the best of our abilities to obtain the best result for them in what is, for most people, a very stressful situation.  No one goes into a relationship expecting to separate from their spouse.  But it does happen.  And when it happens, and it does so in about ½ of all relationships, the initial reaction is often shock, denial or disbelief.  It can take a year or more to go through the emotional adjustments required due to separation. Emotional stress can sometimes cause you to make rash or irrational decisions and it is important to be able to obtain information from qualified professionals to assist in making those important decisions that will affect your future.

The Family Law Lawyers at Barrie’s largest law firm, Barriston LLP, are pleased to offer an additional avenue of information to clients and potential clients through our new blog ‘Matrimonial Matters’.  We hope you will be entertained as well as educated by the information and anecdotes that we will provide to you in the coming months. Contributions to the blog will be made by our 7 experienced family law lawyers and 3 insightful law clerks.

We hope our blog will help you to learn more about the separation and divorce process, financial issues associated with this process, and hopefully enable you to make more informed decisions.

We hope you will join in with us in discussing the issues surrounding separation and divorce.

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