Facebook has become an everyday word. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account nowadays? We use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, to share photos with family members across the globe and sometimes, we use Facebook to vent. What harm can a little Facebook post cause anyway, right? The answer may surprise you, especially when examined in a matrimonial context.

Take for example, a case wherein a husband has argued that he cannot work because of debilitating knee pain and therefore requires indefinite spousal support. His argument would be crippled if his ex-wife were to see the photographs he just posted of him skiing (in a tightly crouched position) and dancing on top of tables.

Then there is the case with the wife who argues that she should not have to surrender her children’s passports because does not present a flight risk. Low and behold, with a little due diligence, her husband discovers her Facebook wall postings which describe the fantastic life that she and the children will have after their move to Switzerland later that week.

Granted, these are extreme examples. However, they do happen.  A simple internet posting can be severely damaging to one’s custody or matrimonial dispute, especially when it ends up as an exhibit to the opposing party’s Affidavit. It is very hard to back pedal from statements made and even harder to dispute photographic evidence.

Facebooker be warned – tighten up those security settings to limit those people who can view your profile. Better yet, think twice about what you post.