David Harris-Lowe, Partner, Family Law

Going through a separation or divorce is often a really challenging experience. It can be legally complex, emotionally challenging, and financially draining. You’re under pressure and it’s tempting to cut corners by handling the separation and divorce without the assistance of a lawyer. Too often this leads to bad Agreements which aren’t enforceable.

A good family law lawyer can help in several ways. Obviously, lawyers should know the law and be able to apply the law to your particular situation. This means knowing more than just basic family law. Your lawyer also needs to be informed about tax law, insurance law and trust law to name a few. But it’s more than that. Your lawyer can also help you in the following ways:

  • Identify what your interests are and will work with you to develop a realistic plan to achieve them.
  • Act as a trusted advisor. This means letting you know what your rights are and assisting you in seeing beyond the immediate problems of a divorce or separation.
  • Are about you and your situation, but not to the point that it interferes with good judgement and advice.
  • Be able to follow through with negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation as needed. This means knowing how to negotiate and, if needed, how to gather up and present evidence in a compelling way.
  • Handle the mechanics of writing an enforceable and lasting agreement.

If you or someone you know is going through a separation or divorce, it’s usually a smart idea to speak with a lawyer early in the process.