Arcuri-Gunasekaram v. Gunasekaram
Ontario Judgments

Ontario Superior Court of Justice
F.P. Kiteley J. Heard: November 28, 2013.
Judgment: December 31, 2013.
Docket: FS-10-363621

[2013] O.J. No. 6483 | 2013 ONSC 8017 | 237 A.C.W.S. (3d) 715 | 2013 CarswellOnt 18706
Between Crocetta Arcuri-Gunasekaram, Applicant, and Kishanthan Gunasekaram, Respondent (22 paras.)

Michael Zalev, for Applicant.

Thomas Dart, Partner, Family Law

Many separated couples have a difficult time managing the emotional stress of a relationship breakdown. The financial strain of getting legal advice to learn about how the law impacts their separation significantly increases that stress. Many people have no choice but to try and do things on their own,

By Lindsay Hayes, Articling student

We’ve all seen the posts of an over-sharer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., whether it’s

social-media-icons-stacked.pngdisparaging comments about their ex or ‘not safe for work’ photos from a rough weekend. These dirty laundry posts can not only have damaging  consequences, such as being fired or getting arrested ,but can

Thomas Dart, Partner, Family Law

How people approach climate change and how people approach family conflict are amazingly similar. Here are some of the similarities:

Climate change Family law disputes
People deny climate change is happening At least one of the parties denies that there is a conflict which needs attention
Those people who

Timothy Gronfors. Associate, Family Law.

As a playful means for highlighting millennials’ preference for spending on luxuries rather

gift house.png

than saving for essentials, a recent BBC article has developed the satirical ‘avocado toast index’.

Using statistics from across the globe, the index calculates how many years it will take to afford a down-payment on a

By David Harris-Lowe, partner, Family Law

Which spouse owns the family home, whether you’re married or in a common law relationship, matters.  The rules around ownership are important and can make a significant difference to how property issues get resolved.  Some rules that are often surprising to people include:

a)      When you get