I know better, I really do.

My children are both four years old and they are both signed up for gymnastics every Sunday morning.  They love participating and I love watching them.  What I don’t love is trying to get them ready and out the door on time.  You’ve heard the expression, “It’s like herding

The breakdown of a relationship is always a stressful experience but the emotional impact is heightened when there are children involved and spouses are faced with making a decision about how they intend to parent their children going forward or, worse yet, they are faced with having a judge make that decision for them.  Once

By Jodi Armstrong

When you are already in a stressful situation, and perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed by the issues that have arisen as a result of your separation, it would be nice, I am sure, to have a clear understanding of the meaning of the words that we family law lawyers tend to throw

The Child Support Guidelines, which came into effect on May 1, 1997, set out four admirable objectives:

  1. to promote fairness to children;
  2. to ease tension and conflict between parents;
  3. to reduce litigation; and
  4. to ensure consistent treatment of parties.

When children reside primarily with one parent (more than 60% of the time), the Guidelines are

For separated parents, it may be wise to remember that the stories children tell about what goes on in the other parent’s home may not always be 100% accurate. Events may get distorted and exaggerated when conveyed from a child’s perspective and, when there is conflict, a child may be seeking to please one parent by speaking negatively about the other.
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In the majority of Family Court proceedings, the case conference is the first time the parties will appear before a judge.  As a result, some people feel pretty nervous going in to it – they may not really know what to expect.  Hopefully this overview will provide some general and practical information …. and help

“He is a lying, cheating, blankity blank and I can prove it!” I sometimes hear this type of statement (blanks usually filled in) with the client sitting across from me and looking at me expectantly … almost as if waiting for me to put my feet up on my desk and declare, “Well, that’s it then: case closed!!”. While it would be strangely satisfying to be able to resolve a matter with that degree of simplicity, in reality, it just doesn’t work that way.
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As a family law lawyer, I have had the opportunity to speak to many different people from many different types of families.  There are all sorts of familial relationships and connections out there and, as our own Catherine Hyde has pointed out, the modern family is no longer what one might once have thought of