By Evelyn Thompson, Family Law Clerk

I recently attended a Mandatory Information Program session, also known as a “MIP”.  I was on a fact-finding mission.  I wanted to experience, first-hand, the basic information that is given to both parties so I might better prepare my clients as to what they could expect.  What surprised me

The law clerks at Barriston have focused on the various sections of a Financial Statement.  Part 4(b) identifies household contents, vehicles and other items.

Just as a quick refresher: remember that your Financial Statement is a snapshot of your financial situation.  Only include an asset that you are the registered owner of.  For example, it

A Financial Statement.  It may sound simple enough but this document could be the most intensive exercise you undertake and is an essential step in your Family Law matter.  A properly prepared Financial Statement is critical to settlement and is the cornerstone of financial disclosure, a term you will encounter often. 

A Financial Statement is